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Poached Egg Sandwich


Solé has experienced first hand the healing power of diet and lifestyle through her Ayurvedic roots, healing herself and numerous clients from the inside out. Growing up in the kitchen with her Mom and Grandmother, Solé developed a deep passion for cooking.  Through her research and discovery, she began to understand the science of food, what fuels us or depletes us, and how confusing the topic of nutrition can be. Overwhelmed by the latest diet trends, losing touch with how to cook, and dealing with our emotional relationship to food, makes it nearly impossible to know what the right “diet” is to make us feel good.

Growing up, Solé spent her formative years living on an Ashram, learning the power of food as medicine, yoga, and meditation to heal the body. Today these are the pillars of Solé's philosophy, helping her clients achieve their goals for long term optimal health and excellence. She believes in functional nutrition as medicine, ridding the effects of stress and inflammation of the body.



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Private Chef Service

Customize your dining experience with menus featuring local, organic tropical produce and seafood.


My unique private chef services travel to you so we can offer the opportunity to customize your event for any mood or occasion. I specialize in making your dining experience as personalized and elegant as you desire. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a larger party, your satisfaction is top priority.  



All of my menus are curated with purpose and thought for every individual client and event.  


Contact me to create the ideal menu for your custom dining experience. Since our menu is created for you, we can always work around any dietary restrictions or concerns. Everything is sourced locally and organic when possible, true farm to table with our top island farmers and fishermen.  


We dine for pleasure.

And pleasure awaits!!!!  I pride myself not only with my mouthwatering food but on highly detailed and friendly service and our ability to set a dreamscape for your event or meal. We create a high-end but comfortable atmosphere.  Curating the dining experience ensures lasting memories beyond the flavor.  


Solé is available for private cheffing  in person in Maui, HI, available for travel and retreats, and online cooking lessons via Zoom.

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