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Spilling Sand

1:1 Mentorship

Let's face it, you are ready to thrive.  Longterm success and lasting fulfillment is what you ache for.  In this 3 month container we will identify and clear the patterns blocking you from true joy, permanently.  Together, we'll generate a clear strategy for success that is perfectly attuned to your bodies rhythm to create visible results!  

Since we are not one size fits all, this is a totally customizable experiencetailored to work for you and with you, in celebration of your uniqueness.


Dive In?

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Together we identify the patterns holding you back from the life of fulfillment, joy, and success that you deserve


Address the core issues holding you back with  their antidote


We will create optimal practices to assimilate these new ways of being into your body and mind


Permanently shift your behavior to positively impact all areas of your life and experience visible results.

Possible Avenues of Study

Full On Upgrade and Re-design: Body, Mindset, Lifestyle, Business

Business Mastery Mentorship

Evolving Daily Practice

Self-Inquiry & Development


Pain Relief & Management


Emotional/Mental Wellbeing Support

Trauma Healing and Nervous System Re-orientation

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Solé is available for 1:1 online via Zoom, and for travel.  Let's connect.  

Do you ever experience?

  • Emotional imbalances: stress, anxiety, depression and anger

  • Lack of energy, motivation, inspiration and productivity

  • Chronic pain, acute injuries and physical discomfort

  • Lack of contentment

  • Yearning for deeper fulfillment and purpose

Working with Solé will help you:

  • Identify patterns holding you back from the life you crave

  • What beliefs are triggering these patterns?

  • Root out limiting beliefs and re-wire your thoughts

  • Locate imbalances that keep you stuck and identify practices to help heal them

  • Create daily routines and practices that support mental health and emotional stability 

  • Remember your authentic creative power 

  • Find clarity, motivation and inspiration

  • Increase productivity


Self Mastery Coaching is a fusion of my 15+ years of teaching Kriya Yoga Therapy, Insight Meditation, Core and Cellular Transformation, and energetic healing.  This methodology evolved after thousands of hours working with groups and one-on-one with private clients including founders and board of directors for business gurus like Google & Tesla, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Oprah Winfrey.  These practices were successfully used on the most recent Fleetwood Mac tour in 2018 to calm anxiety.  

Dr. Mark Hyman

"Sole's online sessions and nidras were my go-to for healing from back surgery.  I highly recommend working with her."  

Kathleen Erwin

"During the recent covid lockdowns, Nidra with Solé has been deeply transformative for handling stress and all this uncertainty.  Her classes are my favorite!"  

Mick Fleetwood

"Daily sessions with Solé offered deep refuge and immediate relief during stressful times on the road."